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    RayVow attorneys from law Master's degree or above and have many years of senior lawyers practicing experience as the main body, to create elite lawyers, to provide high-end services for the purpose of training practice base, Gansu Political Science and Law Institute.

    RayVow is the second home of Gansu, only the government legal service professional firms, three backbone business: government land acquisition demolition, the government project development, government financing. With the help of RayVow in Gansu where the government platform, and delivery center in Shanghai shares financing platform, carefully constructed by Gansu - Shanghai legal service channel for government financing, Gansu to Shanghai, to provide a channel for Shanghai good project to Gansu landing. Customers are mainly from the party and government organs, institutions, state-owned large enterprise components.

    RayVow will public welfare as the firm's soul. Simulates the court small lawyers, referred to as the "master plan, die" RayVow people lifelong public welfare undertakings. Communication and educational legal culture by professional lawyers and children's face and hands, through the simulation training, legal thinking training, evidence for the use of training and other ways, from cultivate the children's awareness of the rules, the consciousness of evidence, contract spirit and the spirit of rule of law.

    The government legal service, Gansu - Shanghai channel and the model of "master" plan, constitute the trinity of existence value of reynolds.

    The firm name from "a silent like thunder, as good as gold", meaning the resonance like thunder, loud voice; to daughter, as have RayVow connaught. The standard consists of three panes like Tian word with "goods" font superposition, three Tian from the traditional "thunder" word of the lower half, meaning RayVow is focused on the quality and character, on the basis of Fukuda extensive, open every window for the parties in the predicament.

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